Zeus Advertising is where you can place ads that will run at Zeus Digital Theaters in Waynesboro, Virginia. 


Zeus has over 300,000 guests annually. Wouldn't you want to get your message in front of an active, engaged audience? 

With Zeus, you get a wide range of the market, people who are excited about coming out to the movies and a medium that is big and cannot be skipped. Theater marketing garners a better response rate than print, radio or tv. Why not add Zeus to your marketing mix today?


Step 1

Pick which advertising vehicle you want to use.


Step 2

Complete the order and pay weekly via ACH or credit card.


Step 3

Create your ad and send it over to be included in the next preshow. 


Advertising Products


Choose from four great options to get your business out into the community. 


From video commercials on the big screen to eye-catching lobby displays we offer the advertising vehicles you've been looking for. 

Plans starting at $100 a week. 


Advertising Combos


Get the exact combination of advertising options that work for your business!


Offering three unique combos that allow you to get in front of our guests during every moment of their experience. 


Plans starting at $500 per month.