Frequently Asked Questions



Can I run a slide on a single showtime?

No, all slides are part of the same 10 minute show that runs from Friday to Thursday. 


Can Zeus create my video/slide/lobby display ad for me? 

At this time, Zeus does not offer creative services. We can however introduce you to agencies in the area who can assist you. 


How long do the slides run for?

Each slide runs for 10 seconds. 


If I want to change the slides, how do I do so?

Please send your ad via the instructions provided to no later than Tuesday at midnight for the ad to begin that Friday at the 1pm showtime. 


Can I include motion in my slideshows? 

Yes, you may include normal Powerpoint animations.


Can I include sound in the slide? 

No, you cannot include sound in the slide. For full motion and sound, try our 30-second commercial. 


How many times will my slide run during the 10 minute pre-show?

You are guaranteed one showing. However, due to the timing of the show, you may receive two showings in a 10 minute show. 


Should I only advertise when big movies are coming out? 

You are welcome to try to time your ad with the release of a particular movie, however our prices are for consecutive weeks. We recommend that you provide a sharp, consistent message over a period of time for the most effective results. 


Can I share my slide with another company? 
You are welcome to do so, however, one person must be responsible for the payment and contract. 


I want to have 3 of my buddies over for a private screening event! 

Unfortunately we do have a minimum of 30 guests with a deposit down for private events.